To enroll in our College will complete the survey.

Your profile will be reviewed by the admission Committee within 7 working days from the date of submission.


In case of positive decision of the admission Commission, at the specified physical address, will be sent to:

- the original contract for training,

- the bill for training,

- detailed instructions about what documents you need to prepare for the start of training.


In case of negative decision of the admissions office about your acceptance for training, Marine College OMEGASHIP reserves the right not to disclose the reason of refusal.


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How to choose a training option?

Special course (3 months)

Recommended for those who speaks English, not working, or working part-time and wants to begin a seafaring career in the near future.

Flash course (6 months)

Recommended for those who are working full time or studying by correspondence at the Institute.

Convenient because the execution of control tasks designed for free time in weekends or in classes 1-2 hours a day after work.

Basic course (12 months)

Recommended for those who are trained in the mater, or in the graduating classes of high school. It is suitable also for young parents with small children. For those who can get to work on a cruise Navy not earlier than in a year. Classes no more than 2 hours a week.

Standard course (12 months)

Recommended to those who can pay immediately the entire course in one payment. In this case, the student can end the training by passing all assignments at any convenient time but not later than 12 months.