Preparing stewards of the marine passenger fleet with further assistance in employment.

MARINE COLLEGE OMEGASHIP LTD., offers everyone to master the profession of steward and to obtain a lucrative contract to work in a foreign cruise companies.


Already more than 2500 of our graduates successfully working in the largest cruise companies in the world and travel around the globe.


That's not a big part of what ultimately gives you training in our school:

  • in demand worldwide specialty "Steward"
  • free job placement assistance after training
  • a contract with a foreign cruise company on the starting position of the cabin steward
  • the opportunity to earn and travel on sea cruise liner at the best tourist routes of the world
  • contract job with a fixed salary of 1000 USD per month, medical insurance, food and accommodation

Who are the stewards and where they work?

Probably many have heard or faced personally with the work of flight attendants on airplanes? It is not hard to guess that such work is associated primarily with high-quality service of passengers, explain to them the rules of safety on the vessel and the maintenance of order in the cabin. Stewards working in the marine tourism are no exception neither school nor work responsibilities in comparison with their colleagues from air travel.

Of course, first and foremost, this work involves strict adherence to discipline, the presence of certain theoretical and practical knowledge and ability to operate for long periods away from home.

But in addition to working moments, sea stewards often have interesting related opportunities.

For example working on contract for sea travel ship they travel the world in his spare time tours, accommodation is provided (cabin), meals, and honey. insurance and has not been canceled raising the career ladder to a managerial position with a salary increase.

Many of our graduates after working for several of the contracts is easily replaced cruise company-employer to work on more favorable terms: it is not hard to do, when behind shoulders already have good experience and excellent knowledge of one or two European languages. Also among our graduates are the place to be cases of changing job with a cruise on the largest hotels of world renown, or employment directly to the office of the cruise company.

It all depends on what exactly You want!


The Marine College OMEGASHIP

What do you get if you choose us?

A range of services and conditions to start a successful career in the cruise fleet:

from Marine College OMEGASHIP:

  • specialty training "Steward/Stewardess"
  • the study of marine specifications of the vessel
  • advice and assistance at every stage: from the application, before arrival at the port
  • preparing for the interview with the employer
  • interviews with the employer as many times as you need for your employment
  • consultation in the preparation of documents necessary to begin the work under the contract (visa, honey. Commission, etc.)

from the cruise of the employer:

  • the contract for the work for a period of 6-8 months with extension without having to re-interview
  • vacation between contracts 1.5-2 months
  • salary from 1000 usd per month + tips
  • meals
  • the accommodation in the cabin for the staff
  • medical insurance (except for dental treatment)
  • career growth to managerial position
  • excursions in the port in his spare time
  • payment of air travel after the first contract

And of course to meet interesting people from different countries and the sea unforgettable travel experiences at the best trails in the world on a cruise ship!

Requirements for future stewards:

Requirements for stewards Maritime passenger fleet:

  1. Recommended age from 18 to 30 years inclusive.
  2. A neat appearance.
  3. Optimism and polite-courteous manner of communication.
  4. Psychological readiness to work for a long time away from home (for the duration of the contract 6-8 months).
  5. The absence of chronic diseases including diabetes.
  6. The lack of failures in obtaining a visa for entering the US and the Eurozone, before admission to school.
  7. The lack of a criminal record.
  8. The lack of tattoos, piercings, scars or burns on the visible parts of the body. (specify separately)
  9. The body mass index is within the valid values.


How is the training and employment of stewards?

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  • 1. Course Steward Maritime passenger fleet through the Internet.

    Training at our school. The training course consists of English language for seafarers and additional core subjects, the study of which, for you will be of great help when working on the ship.


    After signing the contract for training and payment of our services, you will be given access to educational materials.

    The material for study be provided in parts at the beginning of each month of training.


    In the training material in addition to theory there will be practical tasks that need to be done in writing and send to us for verification, at the end of each training month.

    Don't worry, you will be given detailed instructions on how to make, it is not difficult!

  • 2. Interview with employer in English.

    After completion of the course steward, we'll show you how you need to prepare for a successful interview with a representative of the employer and inform, when will be soon.

    Also tell about the nuances when dealing with the employer and frequently asked questions on this interview.


    An interview with the employer or his representative is held exclusively in the English language, often via Skype, or at the office of our school.


    Appearance must be neat. Dress code white top, black bottom.

    If you are adequately prepared and followed our recommendations it will be successful.

    Otherwise, you will indicate deficiencies that need to be addressed, then you will be invited to re-interview. The number of interviews is limited within reasonable limits, but if a job candidate does not want to learn English, or follow our recommendations, we will not be able to help him.

    Employment of licensed agencies is available for you completely and absolutely FREE.

  • 3. To contract for the work indicating the specific vessel (Letter of Employment).

    After a successful interview, you will receive from the employer an invitation to contract, indicating the assigned position (position), the start date of the contract to which you want to arrive and the port city in which you will have a passenger ship.

  • 4. To obtain foreign passport, visa and pass a medical examination.

    We will advise you when to apply for registration of passports and visas, and will need to undergo a medical examination in a specialized clinic, which will be indicated by the employer.


    The cost of the paperwork and the passage of the honey. Commission are paid by you.

  • 5. Flight to port to the designated employer of the date and arrive on the ship to begin work on the contract.

    Flights to port with all the necessary knowledge and documents to get you started.

    The cost of the first flights to the start of the contract some employers assume, otherwise, the first ticket you need to pay for it. The cost of flights back home after the end of the contract will be paid by all employers.


    At the airport you will be met by an employee of the cruise company who will escort you to the boat and the workplace. You get acquainted with the daily routine and your responsibilities on Board passenger vessel, will show you your cabin, and definitely will acquaint with your immediate supervisor.

How much is the course steward?

In the proposed three options for payment is made monthly:


Special course

199 Euro per month

(duration 3 months)


Recommended for those who speaks English, not working, or working part-time and wants to begin a seafaring career in the near future.

Most often this option training choose the graduates of the faculty of foreign languages, or those who had a chance to live abroad and learn the language.


Flash course

99 Euro per month

(duration 6 months)


Recommended for those who are working full time or studying by correspondence at the Institute.

Convenient because the execution of control tasks designed for free time in weekends or in classes 1-2 hours a day after work.

Suitable for those who are fluent in English but haven't used.


Basic course

49 Euro per month

(duration 12 months)


Recommended for those who are trained in the mater, or in the graduating classes of high school. It is suitable also for young parents with small children. Designed for classes of no more than 2 hours a week.

Suitable for not fluent in English, either studied English only at school.


For those who are ready to pay immediately the entire cost of the course for all the months of preparation:

Standard course

499 Euro total

(term of study-you choose yourself)


This option is convenient because after the payment, you are given time to 12 months on study material and written assignments.

You will be directed to interview with the employer, as soon as learn the whole course and send us all the completed assignments in writing, this will happen for 3 months or more time, only you can decide. This is an opportunity to complete the training as effectively as you can.


How to start training?

Start learning

To begin your training in our program, you can simply fill in the form, right putting all the required details so we can send you the original contract for training in print by means of their shipment through the mail.

Frequently asked questions from those who wants to become a steward:


What is the guarantee that I will get a job after training in your school?


Of course, for the most part it all depends on your desire. We also provide relevant training material, properly examining that, you will be able to easily pass an interview with an employer and work on every marine passenger ship.

All of our graduates, without exception, are sent for interview with the employer, which organized a special Agency to hire personnel for cruise companies. This procedure is FREE!




What will happen if I don't pass the interview/the interview the first time?


Everything has a cause, it often happens to those who are bad teaches academic content and English.

If you failed the interview with the employer, you called the reason you remove it (complete their education or tighten English language) and sent to the next interview. The number of attempts is not limited, but in fact everything has a reasonable limit. If the person does not want to learn, we are not able to help him.




Learning takes place only through the Internet? Full-time courses are available?


Yes, indeed, learning takes place only through the Internet. At this point in time, we consider the question of holding a full-time training, but it will be much more expensive than studying On-line.




Will there be additional costs, for example for documents, in addition to paying for training?


Yes. Have additional the place to be, it's no secret. The issue of the passport, visa to the country of the employer, the passage of the honey. fees, etc.




How and where is the medical Board?


The employer appoints a hospital where you will be required to undergo a medical examination. Often these clinics are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Unknown to us such clinics in Kazakhstan.




If the employer pays for flight to port-berthing of the ship to get started? If the employer pays for the flight for the passage of the honey. Commission?


The first contract is not every employer pays for the flight to the port where his ship, but the return ticket after the contract is sure to be paid in full. Payment for flights for preparation of documents/pass the honey. Commission the employer does not produce.




My age more than 30 years, does it make sense to train in your school and seek employment?


Persons aged 30 to 35 years old, have a very small chance to get a job in the industry, but after training in our school THIS is POSSIBLE, provided excellent knowledge of English and experience in the service sector.



I'm from Kazakhstan/Ukraine/Belarus, can I study with you? Do you have graduates from these countries?


Yes, we have graduates from CIS countries, who got the job. This is not a problem. Fill out the form, indicate the best period of training and start learning.

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